Gush EP

by Moses

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This is for all our friends now, and friends to be! We love you and we hope this music makes you feel, well, everything or anything at all.

Completely recorded and mixed in houses, apartments, and assorted nooks & crannies of Mount Pleasant, MI.


released November 2, 2013

Recorded, Produced, and Mixed by Ezra Bakker @ his house.
Mastered by Mick Maslowski @ Zoinga Recording
Written & performed by Moses
Trumpets by Randall Hoyle



all rights reserved


Moses Mt Pleasant, Michigan

Space Jam the Band

No religious affiliation.

Tim - Nate
John - Pocholo

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Track Name: La Madrugada
Wish you were;
The morning comes and I wish you were here.
Track Name: Great Fire
This great fire that started
What was in it for you?
What was the purpose of all the burning?
We sink in the ground, passed the roots and the towns
Towards the colder side.
I know not what it means to be imagery,
Sink your hands into me.

The breathing branching of earth,
I took the focus of nature.
If only we didn't know that the longer we wait
Is time spent sinking further to our depths.
I've lent you sight and I've let you live on,
I watched all creation bow to the throne you're on.
I'll brace for my salt water coffin and hope that
I'll never see through those eyes again.

Bring me some rest and a bed to sleep in,
I might not wake up, but will you watch over me?
I'm tired of feeling regret and being scared of myself
This once great fire that burned in your life
Now resides in your death....yeah

I know not how I got here
I know not how far I've come, but
This once great fire that was burning inside me
Was swallowed by my fear.

I know not what it means to be imagery,
Sink your hands into me
Track Name: Huron
When I approach you are you waiting for a savior or a friend?
When you're alone do you remember me or am I just a dream?
Are you awake, am I alive?
Are we okay, can we survive?

I'm growing cold, it's getting old.
Chasing your tail; I've outgrown your bed;
I've outgrown nervousness and I'll outgrow you too.

You wake up with the sun to find half your heart left you behind.
You feel so cold as sunstrokes make their way through your window.
They wrap you up. They're keeping you from falling apart.
When did we become what we are?

I'm growing cold, it's getting old
My heart's grown weak, I'm calling this defeat
Chasing your tail; I've outgrown your bed;
I've outgrown nervousness and I'll outgrow you too.
Where do we go from here, a waste of two good years

Here on Huron where your words sunk my heart into my chest,
the tide will take me away as I plan my revenge.
Track Name: The Bond
I wake to a silent room and empty space
Crowded by the thoughts that I never got to say
A feeling in my heart-- she's safe
Will never ease the tide of pain in my mind.
I'll gather up the keys, my love,
To every piece of my insecurities.
I will taste your lavish lips tonight
And bury you selfishly for the second time...

A hum erupts from the dirt mound
As we paint over our eyes.
Sing to me spirits, I've done all you've asked--
Together we'll rise from the nest.
I beg and borrowed, I stole and cheated my wife and family.
My pain is torture and I deserve it,
Can I deserve you too?

You rose from the ground,
Squeezed the blood from my palms.
A choir of voices howling loudly all around me.
You crawled from my mind right back into your skin.
You coughed and you cursed
Hands dug into the dirt.
I screamed and prayed to Him
To take you back where you came from,
But your eyes caught mine- this time it wasn't right.

Buried my head in my hands and I moved on
I felt as empty as your tomb,
I felt as empty as you.
Turned your blood back to dirt again.
Lay me down where your body rests,
I'm dying just to hear your voice
Turned your blood back to dirt again.
Track Name: Sequins
Worn down to the bone,
Pain sinks its teeth into my uncovered feet,
Walked miles on these jagged stones
Hoping for hours that the sun will relinquish me.
The dirt stains my skin to a darker tint,
I'm fighting against the heat.

To show you where I've been
Tore my sleeves to show my red swelling skin
You turned your back against me again

So I walked on--
A snake slithered out from its burrowed hole and
Wrapped itself around my ankles.
Its teeth in my skin--
I was forced to think about what I've learned again.
I've lost my way, I'm ashamed & afraid,
What more can I say? Wasn't this my destiny?
Wasn't this going to happen anyway?